SMART GATEWAY consolidate all your devices into a single place.

It supports: Z-Wave (921.4Mhz) devices and many Zigbee devices.

With its powerful Web App, you can create your own floorplan and place your switch at the exact location. This gateway capture all the history locally, no information is store in the cloud, your privacy is protected.

Besides that, it also support Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa and Google assistant. You can easily link it to your mobile and toggle it when your are away. If you own an Apple HomePod, Alexa Echo or Google Mini, the voice command will become your daily phase to switch on and off your lights as well as toggle any smart scene that you program.

With IFTTT integration, it can also work with your many IFTTT compatible devices.

Our Smart Gateway uses telegram for Notification so your notification will keep in the history.