Smart Light Switch

With smart light switch, you can switch on and off your house light while outside. Besides that, it works with other smart sensor to provide even more advance automations.


Our smart light switch is compatible With following brand alarm gateway: Fibaro/Smarthings/Vera/Zipato/Iris/Wink and IBEYOND SMART GATEWAY.

In-Wall Switch
Compatible with 300 series and 500 series
Range: up to 50m outside, 30m indoor
Operating mode: touch-sensitive
Switch output: Output devices can connect two road, 16 a biggest support
Power Specification:110-230V AC+/-10% ,50/60Hz
Operation temperature: 0-40℃
Max current: 100mA
Power consumption: 1.2W AC power
Product size(D*W*H):86x 86 x 34.2mm
Z-Wave Radio Frequency: 921.4MHz ANZ